〈 Rainer Dreyer


💻 aciworldwide.com

I developed components for S1.com's (now ACI Worldwide's) Postilion Realtime and Office product suite. (Postilion Realtime routes transactions from ATMs and Point-of-Sale Devices at retailers to banks and card networks and stores transaction information to later inspect / extract / reconcile in Postilion Office.)

I investigated & fixed issues for South African, American and Australian banks and British retailers & implemented feature / change requests for South African banks, retailers and ATM networks.

I worked on Interchanges, Node Integration Drivers, Office Extracts, Recons and Portal Plugins, writing code (Java & SQL) and keeping documentation up-to-date (HTML).

I learned how to remotely debug Java running in VMs, use Perforce VCS, share VMs on ESX Servers, profile SQL bugs, work 9-to-5, enjoy life in a large Corporation and drink coffee regularly.