〈 Rainer Dreyer

2014 –

Software Engineer @ uniregistry.com

At Uniregistry we're a small team of developers managing millions of domain names for our customers. I'm writing mostly Python, using Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Celery (RabbitMQ) & PostgreSQL. I sometimes edit our Frontend written in React, but am not involved in much UI work/design.

I worked in the Cayman Islands πŸ‡°πŸ‡Ύ office for my first four years at Uniregistry, but am now fully remote and currently based in Sierra Leone πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡± (UTC+0). I have a lovely little home office, a backup generator, and a stable 4G connection if my standard internet connection gives me any trouble.

I wrote the backend implementations for many of our trickiest ccTLDs (.cn, .de, .co.uk, .in, .io, .ca, .us, .ky). More are in the works, I promise. I've also added premium price support for many new gTLDs (.car / .cars / .auto, .app, etc.) - domains that were reserved by their registries and are not available for the normal registration price. Try searching for 'computer.school' on Uniregistry.com to see an example.

I also wrote the middleware capturing application metrics for our web stack and backend workers and sending them off to Grafana via Telegraf & the InfluxDB stack.

I also enjoy working across our whole stack. Those emails that you get every six months/yearly to check that your registrant addresses are still valid, I built, for example. I also created the transfer reminder emails and made transfers expire after a few days. Most of my other work is hard to describe since it's deep in the backend.